Grading/Payment System

The price for a standard length bespoke order of a Bijutsu-Touken (traditionally made art sword) are as follows:


Collectors-grade 1,480,000JPY. Exhibition-grade 1,980,000JPY. Regalia Heirloom-grade 2,980,000JPY


Collectors-grade 1,380,000JPY. Exhibition-grade 1,880,000JPY. Regalia Heirloom-grade 2,680,000JPY.


Collectors-grade 1,000,000JPY. Exhibition-grade 1,550,000JPY. Regalia Heirloom-grade 2,150,000JPY.


Collectors-grade 850,000JPY. Exhibition-grade 1,350,000JPY. Regalia Heirloom-grade 1,880,000JPY.


Collectors-grade 650,000JPY. Exhibition-grade 880,000JPY. Regalia Heirloom-grade 1,650,000JPY.

 The prices may vary according to customizations and individual requirements.

Grading system

Collectors-grade: Done with 100% carefully selected NittohoTataraTamahagane.

The sword will be fitted with a custom-made habaki in silver, and custom-made shira-saya, as well as a high quality katana-bukuro.

Exhibition-grade: The steel composition will be as Collectors-grade, but more complex, and thus the steel grain will allow for more visual effects. 

The sword will be fitted with a custom-made habaki in gold, and  custom made shira-saya, as well as a katana-bukuro in premium quality.

Regalia Heirloom-grade: The material will be of the highest possible selection, and if you wish, I will include special steel from my unique and limited collection. Currently available are antique Tamahagane temple nails. 

These are very rare tamahagane nails from a 1300 year-old historical temple called Suo-Kokubunji, saved during the renovation of the temple. The sword will be fitted with a custom-made habaki in gold, and a custom made shira-saya of the highest grade, as well as a custom-made katana-bukuro in premium quality. 

Exclusively for the Regalia Heirloom-grade: If you wish, it will be possible to participate in some of the crafting process online, and some steps during the making of your sword will be documented for you to keep. 

Maintenance instructions, as well as an online appraisal meeting to deepen your understanding of the beauty, and the overall features of your sword can be held upon request.

A unique, high-end artwork, depicting your sword will be made available for purchase, if you wish to do so. 


Maintenance tools and all necessary instructions for preserving your sword is included in all grades.

Payment information

To complete the order, I will need a third of the total as a pre-payment/booking fee, to cover for the material expenses. When the blade is finished, before sending the sword to the other craftsmen for completion, I would need you to cover for their salary, which is another third of the total. Then finally the remaining sum before delivery.

If you prefer, the payment can alternatively be divided into half and half. Half upon placing your order, and the other half before delivery. 

The payments can be made through bank transfer, PayPal or Revolut. 

I kindly ask you to please cover for any transfer fees. 

If you have an alternative payment method of preference, please let me know.

All prices include tax, salaries to all associated craftsmen, as well as registration and export processing fees. 

The shipment fee will be added.