The Tamahagane warikomi series, dedicated to the goddess of steel, Kanayago.
According to legends of a mythological past, the intricate knowledge of manufacturing steel, and metalworking was passed on from the goddess of metals, Kanayago. By bestowing her knowledge of iron, civilization was able to evolve into the next level.


The distinguished and unique method I use to manufacture my blades, can be appreciated in the raw unpolished parts of these blades.

I call this finish Chiirui, literally clothes of the earth. (Lichen in English.) As it resembles this organism covering almost any surface of the earth, if left untouched


A lamination method developed by sword-smiths, involving splitting soft iron, and inserting a hard core edge steel of forge folded tamahagane. The beauty of tamahagane in an easy to maintain and practical form, offers the best of both worlds. The blade is hardened by quenching in water, and hand polished on natural stones. All blades are stamped with a unique serial number, and comes with a tracing, and card of authenticity. Delivered in a custom made paulownia wooden box.

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