The Tamahagane Honyaki series, dedicated to the sun goddess Amaterasu. By hiding in a cave turned the world into darkness. Tricked by the other gods to come out of the cave, and upon seeing her shining beauty reflected in a mirror, she was lured out and the light of the world was restored.


These blades are in a matte mirror finish, polished by hand on natural stones.This finish reveals the grain structure created during the forge folding process and the Hamon of the hardening process.

Kagami means mirror in Japanese, and is a sacred object part of the imperial regalia.


The construction method of these blades are uncompromisingly close to a Japanese sword. Forge folded, pure, solid tamahagane. Differentially hardened by applying a secret accelerating clay mixture, thin on the edge, and a retarding clay mixture thicker on the body of the blade. The blade is heated to correct temperature and quenched in water, hand polished on natural stones. All blades are stamped with a unique serial number, and comes with a tracing, and card of authenticity. Delivered in a custom made paulownia wooden box.

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