“Japanese sword knife” workshop made with swordsmith Yasha Yukawa, day 1


This article is written by “La Spada”, a joint project and management of the workshop.

Date: September 20, 2021
Location: 511-1 Manao, Hofu City, Yamaguchi Prefecture Yasha Yukawa “Japanese Sword Training Center”

ORIENTATION: Orientation about training center tour and safety
PROGRAM1: Deepen your knowledge about “Tamahagane”
PROGRAM 2: Demonstration by a swordsmith “Jade crushing” + “Training” seen in the video
PROGRAM 3: Making “Japanese sword sword knife” -Sunobe
PROGRAM 4: Making “Japanese swords and knives” -making fire (hizukuri)

PROGRAM 1: Learn about “Tamahagane”
After visiting the tanrenjo, Yaksha Yukawa explained to the participants the history of “Tamahagane”, the raw material for Japanese swords, and the process of manufacturing in Okuizumo, Shimane Prefecture. Did. Participants actually picked up “Tamahagane” for the first time and experienced its texture, color, and weight.

PROGRAM 2: Demonstration “Jade crushing” + “Training” to watch in the video
After explaining the characteristics of “Tamahagane”, when actually making a Japanese sword, we will demonstrate “Tamahagane” how to crush “Tamahagane” while removing impurities and forge it. , I deepened my knowledge while watching the video of “Training”.

PROGRAM 3: Making “Japanese sword sword knife” -total
On the premises of the smelter, a fire bed (about) that burns fire with charcoal and a bellows (bellows) that is a traditional blower are installed, and participants put hot iron on the gold floor. I tried to make a “small sword knife” while hitting it. First of all, the swordsmith explained how to use the equipment, and performed a process called “bare rolling” to stretch the steel for a long time.

PROGRAM 4: Making “Japanese sword sword knife” -making fire
“Fire making” is one of the most difficult tasks in the production of Japanese swords, in which a hammer is used to form a sword. Participants experienced a part of the “fire making”.

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