Swordsmith Yasha Yukawa’s “Sword Appraisal” was held


“Japanese sword” to see in a historic space

Article: Written by “La Spada” who planned and operated the appreciation party.

On November 28, 2021, as the final program of the “Japanese Sword Knife” workshop, we held a party to appreciate swords in Japanese clothes in a historic building. The place is “Eiunso”, a nationally designated historic site in Hofu City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. This building was built about 240 years ago as the villa of the Hagi feudal lord. In recent years, this historical value has been reviewed, and the buildings and buried gardens have been completed this year since 2011. The samurai-style tea room “Kagetsuro” is adjacent to this historic site, which was loved by the Hagi feudal lord in ancient times.

When Yukawa and his father, Yoshitaka Yukawa, lived in Sweden during their lifetime, they always enjoyed “matcha”, so it was a sword appreciation party held in the tea room.

All the swords you see at this “Sword Appreciation Party” were made by Mr. Yukawa, and there are a total of 5 swords, wakizashi, and daggers. First, the participants took a manners course on how to handle swords, and then watched swords with different styles in a private space.

“Eiunso”, where the old samurai used to soothe their hearts with a cup of tea and talk about the future of Japan. This time, we had a meeting to appreciate the swords in the tea room and share the feelings and respect for Japanese culture that the half swordsmiths have.

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